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INSPIRE Work Experience

Work experience gently introduces young people to the world of work. It’s the perfect way to sample all the career choices on offer, explore different options and decide on future occupation pathways. Work experience also provides young people with invaluable insight into business operations, work ethics and transferable skills.

In fact, one of the best ways to secure first-time employment is to have undertaken some form of work experience. According to CBI/PEARSON EDUCATION AND SKILLS SURVEY 2016, one in five businesses view relevant work experience as among the three top considerations when recruiting young people.

Many colleges and universities offer students the opportunity to undertake a period of work placement as part of their educational studies. Indeed, hospitality and tourism has a long history of offering courses that include an industry placement as a compulsory element of the student’s study programme. These work placements require a strong commitment from the three key partners: the student, the employer, and the educator.

As a result of a work experience placement young people:

  • Develop employability skills, learn to self-evaluate, and gain self-awareness, confidence and maturity
  • Gain structured, practical experiences of the industry, its operations, its customers and its staff
  • Consolidate skills learnt during academic studies, appreciate industrial standards and levels of performance, and provide opportunities for practical application of conceptual theory
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for their own education, and to develop lifelong learning skills
  • Gain potential permanent employment

Taster Days

As the name implies, Taster Days provide students with a short introductory “taste” of the industry. Typically, a taster can range from a few hours to several days. Most, however, last the best part of a day – and can be a one-off session, or part of a series.

Although shorter than the other forms of work experience, they can benefit tens of thousands of people. Springboard alone facilitates over 20,000 tasters a year! As such, it’s critical that every taster you provide is well-planned, follows our guidelines and is designed to INSPIRE.

Tasters can INSPIRE any potential recruit, including school children, students, unemployed people, and returners to work, career changers and adult job seekers.

When aimed those in career-influencing positions – such as teachers, careers advisors, job centre staff and parents – taster days can be used to showcase the wealth of exciting career opportunities within the industry, so it is vital to ensure that sound advice is given to potential recruits.

Tasters give potential recruits a ‘hands-on’ motivational and memorable experience of working in the industry. They leave a lasting, positive impression, improve perceptions, and afford you with the opportunity to do some talent spotting at the same time! 

A taster day experience can:

  • Inspire positive perceptions of the variety of hotel careers
  • Create interest in applying for jobs
  • Apply to any potential recruit – not just young people
  • Influence the career “influencers” – teachers, parents, career advisers, Jobcentre staff
  • Innovate talent spotting & recruitment
  • Provide access to new pools of potential recruits
  • Form an effective covert marketing tool
  • Give staff recognition and further development
  • Support Corporate Social Responsibility goals
  • Be flexible and adaptable, whatever your business goal

Taster Days are a superb way of creating interest into the wide variety of available roles.

Springboard works with hotels, food and service management, private member clubs and restaurants across the hospitality industry to ensure they offer inspiring and quality work experience through our Quality Standard INSPIRE. Businesses’ work experience offerings are tested against the strict INSPIRE criteria to ensure that candidates are ‘INSPIREd’ into a career in the hospitality industry. Springboard’s ambassadors are key drivers of the INSPIRE standard, as industry professionals trained to promote the industry. We also offer a brokerage service where we can help schools, colleges and universities connect with business partners and vice versa.

The Process:

The Careers Team at Springboard will make an initial contact with you to discuss your application below. Due to a high demand, we cannot guarantee that we will meet all the requests for work experience and taster days. If this is the case, you will be notified within two weeks of submitting the application. In such instances we will offer alternative support.  

If you have a specific request, please email the careers team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To register for work experience or to arrange a taster day, please complete the application form below.

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